Shane Tyler

“Choosing a school is a great opportunity for parents. The choice allows families to send their children to a private or regular public school of their choice. It gives many people the opportunity to live their dreams. “For example, my dad always wanted to send all his three children to private school. He had my brother go to St. Augustine High School and my sister and I were St. I wanted to go to Mary’s Academy. Unfortunately, his dreams were held up because of his financial situation. But he refused to surrender.

“One night my dad’s best friend came to the saint’s game. He introduced my dad to LA’s school selection program and suggested that he take the opportunity to apply. My dad definitely got the result. I was happy. He managed to take me, one of his children, to St. Mary’s Academy. I remember receiving a letter of acceptance by mail and seeing an old man jumping for joy and his eyes shining with joy.

“I’ve been attending the Church of St. Mary since 6th grade. I was scared at first when the trip started. I knew the high status of the school. I didn’t know if I was right or not. But over time, after trial and error, I realized myself. My teacher was very generous and did everything I could to achieve my goals. My adviser approached me and guided me to the best of their ability. They have never failed to update me about the opportunities I have available. I have been involved in many clubs and extracurricular activities to help identify my strengths and interests. “