You only need to send us an invoice if you’re a publisher registered for VAT purposes in Ireland. In this case, you should send your invoice by email to [email protected]. Please don’t send us a hard copy invoice.

Right now, we don’t offer the option to donate your AdSense earnings directly to a charity from within your account. However, once you receive your AdSense payments you’re free to use your earnings as you wish.

As a friendly reminder, if you do choose to donate your earnings, we ask that you avoid placing text on your sites saying that all or some of the ad earnings will go to charity. Because this language can draw undue attention to the ads, and since we can’t verify how the earnings are ultimately used, these statements are not permitted by the AdSense Program policies.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change your payment currency.

No, you don’t need to verify your account for wire transfers. Learn more information about receiving payments by wire transfer.


Crossroads Donations has partnered with Plaid to support most major banks and credit unions in Ireland & the US. We are working hard behind the scenes to support additional banks. If your bank is not currently listed, please let us know by chatting to us or sending an email to [email protected] & we will do our best to get your bank added to our list of supported institutions. 

You can support your favorite cause on Change Donations in two ways. One is through donating your digital spare change with “round-ups.” The other is through making a one-off “Boost” donation of any amount.

The steps are separated for added security. Linking an account through Plaid provides the information to calculate round-ups. Adding your card with Stripe makes it possible for your weekly round-up total to be donated.

Yes. Change Donations works for all transactions made on your linked account, whether that is online or at a physical location. You will see your transactions appear in your account once your bank has processed the payment & sent it to us (typically 1-3 business days).


In the “Round-ups” section of your donor dashboard, you can set round-up limits & split your round-ups across multiple charities for full donation flexibility.

This will vary according to how many transactions you make, but Change Donations users so far are making around 25 transactions per week with an average round-up of about €0.35.

When you make a purchase with your linked credit or debit card the ‘change’ calculated by rounding up your purchase amount to the nearest whole euro. For example, you buy a cup of coffee for €2.85, we will round up to the nearest euro, donating €0.15 in change to the organisation(s) that you support.

To set round up limits, simply log into your account and, click ‘Edit Limits’ in the ‘My Charities’ section. You will see a popup which allows you to set weekly round-up limits.

If you have set a limit, your transactions will automatically stop rounding up once you’ve hit the limit you have set. Since we process round-up a once a week on Monday mornings, if you ever decide that you don’t want to round up a transaction, simply go to the transaction section in your dashboard and click ‘cancel’ next to any ‘pending’ transaction that you don’t want to round up. This will change the status from ‘pending’ to ‘cancelled.

For questions about services for Crossroads members, please log into your Crossroads account.